Website creation and cross-platform app. turnkey package


BBS, with the experience gained through years of successful projects for major public institutions and private companies, is able to follow its customers from the design phase through to the final testing, defining specifications and custom functionality based on the needs of the customer .


The service offered by BBS includes all aspects related to:

• design

• graphical development of software and architecture

• realisation

• operator training

• assistance

• maintenance and development.

Centralised systems for the integrated management of the website and APP

The systems offered by BBS provide a centralised solution for the collection and management of data to be made accessible in multi-channel mode (via web, via touch and mobile). This centralised structure has the advantage of making the management of content faster and easier, which can be performed manually by technicians responsible for using the integrated CMS system, or automated through connectors to external data sources. BBS’s integrated solutions can be developed using proprietary technologies or, at the customer’s request, with open source technologies.


Efficiency and effectiveness of access and use by the public

Based on the project goals, BBS realises the content architecture and the layout of the website graphics and the APP according to the new trends and new ways of using information, thinking about an interface that makes the user interaction as simple and as intuitive as possible for both traditional devices based on the use of mouse and keyboard, or for devices based on touch interactions.


Compatibility with the latest devices

Websites are made by BBS according to W3C standards and regulations in terms of usability, accessibility and Responsive Web Design interface to ensure an optimal use on any monitor or mobile device (smartphone and tablet). The browser-based mobile version is in effect an optimised version of the web site. The sites are compatible with most modern browsers, both on Windows, Linux and Mac, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. And guarantees readability and search engine ability of the website even for the older versions of the listed browsers. The APP is realised for major mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile) for both smartphones and tablets.


Integration with social networks and optimised indexing on search engines

BBS offers a web portal solution that ensures high visibility and content sharing. These goals can be achieved by integrating the website and APP with leading social networks, and optimising the indexing and ranking in search engines.


Augmented reality

With a view to offering an increasingly comprehensive and personalised, augmented reality provides new opportunities. All it takes is a printer, a tag (which QRcode or geolocation) and a webcam or camera according to the device used (PC, touch, mobile system) in order to create an interactive and immersive experience wherever you are and to “increase reality “, or to view additional information and details about the object or the target point. This information can be simple text, images, movies or real 3D animations.



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