Realisation of platform software for tourism, culture and education

BBS for many years has provided cross-platform multimedia interactive technology solutions for both public entities and for private companies.
BBS has created innovative integrated projects for tourism, culture and education, based on open source software platforms based on customised needs of the customers: web portals, multi-platform app, interactive structures of KUBE™ active promotion at the main Italian airports, interactive indoor and outdoor multimedia information points, touchscreen displays, video call centres in 7 languages, automated multi-IAT, management software and statistics of tourist flows and interactive exhibits for museums, are just some of the solutions proposed by BBS.



BBS your life easier by offering more versatile solutions installed and ready to run.

All software and hardware solutions BBS can be integrated with each other complex and multi-channel projects. The flexibility, modularity and scalability of the proposed systems allow us to customise the project on the basis of the actual needs of the customer.
The solutions we offer are:

  • Integrated systems of hospitality and tourism promotion, as well as management and statistics of tourist flows. It consists of web portal, IATDataKit and multiplatform app software; The project was awarded by the Regione Lombardia as a solution in the category “ICT excellence in tourism”, and is also used at the ufficio IAT di Regione Lombardia as well as in the Orio al Serio Airport in Milan.
  • Virtual Desk / IAT automated / interactive kiosks, also equipped with Video Call Centre service in 7 languages (including Chinese and Russian), in support of projects of assistance and guidance to the public, promotion and tourist reception, territorial improvement, customer satisfaction surveys , internationalisation
  • indoor and outdoor interactive multimedia infopoint; showcases touchscreen; informative urban signage, interactive or non-interactive; interactive systems for reporting emergencies; Queue management systems single or multiple booths; design and implementation of interactive multimedia installations for museums, interpretation centres, eco-museums, visitor centres
  •  KUBE™ interactive multimedia facilities (, currently installed and operating at the airports of Milan Orio al Serio “Caravaggio” (EXPO 2015 partner, 4th Italian airport for passenger traffic, with over 9 million tourists transiting in 2013) and Pisa G. Galilei (over 4.5 million tourists in transit in 2013)
  • Development sites and Web portals, based on open source CMS
  • multi-platform app development for mobile devices



Awards and certifications


Politica per la Qualità

Body Accredited to the Lombardia Region for the provision of educational services and vocational training.
Accreditation of the Region Lombardia Register B) Registration No. 876 of 06.17.2015 ID headquarters 2528 – Operator ID 1907

Prize for the contribution to the development and promotion of agriculture and agri-food sector of the Region of Tuscany with innovative ideas and best practices already developed and working through the project “Tuscany Wine Roads on the web”

BBS becomes partner E015, the digital ecosystem of EXPO 2015

UNI ISO 9001:2008 for “Design, development, customisation of software and interactive multiplatform systems”2012

In December 2012, under the public tender for Patents + organised by the Ministry of Economic Development (MED) for the support to innovative projects based on patents, BBS received a large economic grant for technology development and marketing of the Company TV® technology. The contribution – paid for by the National Agency for inward investment in promotion and enterprise development (INVITALIA) – supported investments in BBS in R & D for technology development of the Company and its TV® KUBE ™ application system.

, one of the applications derived from technology developed by BBS TV® Company, became a registered trademark (registration n.0001440949 of 04/04/2011) and award-winning innovative technology platform, especially in the field of tourism and promotion and enhancement of public bodies and companies. KUBE ™ was honored in 2011 as an innovation of excellence in the tourism sector at the national level by Confcommercio (“National Award for Innovation in Services”, categoria Turismo), and received the appreciation of both the European Commission and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities for the high level of innovation introduced in the tourism market.

BBS patents the Company TV® system (n.0001370526 patent of 15/02/2010, with a filing dated 26/05/2006) to “provide interactive multimedia services, in particular for the promotion of products and services”. The Company TV® system is presented by MIBAC at the PA Forum, for the realisation of interactive museum circuits promoted by the Ministry.

In November 2009 the project “ITHACA ™: to develop the museum circuits through new technologies”, was awarded by AICA (Italian Association of Automatic Calculation) as one of the best innovative projects in the cultural and educational sphere.