Live Assistant, Video Contact Center, Customer Service and advanced Remote automatic services.

BBS offers interactive multimedia stations that allow remote video-assistance with a support operator, the waiting queue management and exchange of data and documents.


In a time of spending reviews it is necessary to rethink the services offered through innovative tools and technologies that permit institutions and businesses and provide services at much lower costs, optimising resources (human and economic) without lowering the quality of the the services offered, but standardising the level of quality.

This is possible through the BBS solutions: INFOPOINTs / interactive multimedia KIOSKs/ interactive multimedia TOTEMs, capable of delivering (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) – with simplicity and interactivity – information and advanced services to customers, the same services that the client would receive at the traditional front office.


Cost optimisation

The LIVE ASSISTANCE service allows a complex organisation and with several local offices to concentrate a call center or back office operators in a single remote location, but simultaneously ensure local comprehensive assistance to the client as if the operator was working in the front office, managing all the information and requests.

In fact, instead of having human resources dedicated to service and support customers locally and often only partially engaged, the BBS solution allows you to focus and automate services, optimising personnel costs whilst standardising the support procedures, freeing human resources for value-added services.


The remote operator “face to face”

Following a video call request from the user:

• The display will stop and you will see a message of “call in progress”

• The system will check the availability of an operator who speaks the user’s language (depending on the language selected on the workstation).

• The call will be routed to the first available operator, or the operator with the least calls waiting

• If there is no answer, the call is automatically routed to another operator.

The operator of the LIVE ASSISTANCE service, through the control panel, can:

• Transfer video calls to other operators

• Put in “Mute” audio and video of the video; the user will see on the screen a welcome message and hear a piece of music at a low volume.

• Receive user documents, create new ones and send them to print directly on the Virtual Desk.

• Close the video call; the page browser will resume automatically.


Quick update of content and a snapshot publication

LIVE ASSISTANCE, the Video BBS Contact Center is offered complete with the CM-TV content management system, which allows you to manage and distribute content on individual workstations, such as:

  • Interactive multimedia (text, audio, video, images). When the user no longer interacts with the Video Contact system it automatically displays a library of media content, so as to never leave the position inactive and to capture the user’s attention.
  • Updated content from external data sources. Due to possible integration with information systems and external data sources, users can scan / search / print information.
  • Multimedia content in full screen mode
  • Time regulated multimedia content. The system allows you to program the display automatically with a library of media content that will be shown at certain times and at predefined time intervals.


The features offered

  • Remote virtual operator. Video calls for free directly via VoIP a remote service center, and interact with a virtual operator – via the monitor and installed the device – just as if it were a physically operator on site.
  • Click to Call, to make a call directly and free of charge via VoIP to all the organisations, businesses or public services in the program library.
  • Interactive map with driving directions. Displays the route to a particular office or point of interest.
  • Print information, booking reminders, etc.
  • QRCode for integration with mobile devices (smartphones / tablets), download multimedia content and / or to download the APP
  • Display content in multichannel mode on the WEB, Mobile and APP. In order to extend the visibility of the content and use certain features BBS offers a SW platform that makes content available and functionality on the web, mobile or APP.
  • Statistiche dettagliate di contatto, anche per singola scheda consultata.
  • Back office remoto, per permettere agli operatori di gestire i contenuti multimediali pubblicati, tramite un semplice applicativo web-based ad accesso riservato.


Soluzioni di design accessibili a tutti

Nell’ambito della progettazione e realizzazione di totem, BBS dispone di un catalogo di prodotti di design consolidato con modelli sia indoor che outdoor.

Estetica, robustezza e qualità dei totem rendono le soluzioni di BBS fortemente innovative nella forma e nei colori rispetto ai totem attualmente sul mercato.

Il classico “totem” diventa un elemento di arredo “tecnologico”, grazie all’estrema cura nella ricerca dei materiali, che conferiscono al prodotto un’elevata qualità, riducendone notevolmente la manutenzione.

I totem sono realizzati facendo attenzione estrema ai particolari, all’ergonomia, all’accessibilità, alla facilità di utilizzo da parte degli utenti e alla semplicità delle operazioni di manutenzione.


Device integrable

Below the list of devices integrated in the Virtual Desk stations, totally controlled and controllable by the operator back office:

  • Printer
  • barcode reader
  • smartcard reader
  • Scanner
  • Cash devices
  • Webcam, for video and remote monitoring of the surrounding environment
  • Integrated scanner, for immediate reading and scanning of documents
  • Hotspot Wi-Fi integrated


Integration with information systems

LIVE ASSISTANCE, entirely designed and developed in BBS, is modular and can be integrated with solutions and systems already used by the customer.

LIVE ASSISTANCE is a one-stop shop that can replace an operator physically present on site, ensuring the delivery of a range of advanced services through remote operators back office.

LIVE ASSISTANCE is able to control hardware devices such as scanners, printers, readers of credit cards / smart card, Cash devices, etc., which are combined with the video assistance, allowing the distribution of information and advanced services from remote to users of any kind even those less experienced in the use of technologies.


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