Queue management and management of the flows at the counter.

Thanks to BBS’s Queue system, users choose through a touchscreen display which service they want to access and receive a numbered ticket for progressive and differentiated service.


At the request of the operators, the system calls the next user by reporting both on large monitors and with a beep.

When the desired service is not available, for example outside normal hours, this button will not be active and will report a customised courtesy message.


eliminacode-e-gestione-dei-flussi-allo-sportello-videata totem


Easily usable by system operators

  • WEB authentication with username and password.
  • Management of the counter activities (open or closed).
  • Call next number.
  • Display status of the last numbers called
  • Momentary deactivation of the algorithm of distribution of users at the counters and the possibility of a manual call.
  • Gratification analysis (innovative proposal for future upgrades).


A system easily configurable via the web

The administration module of the BBS Queue system, which is accessed via web, is very simple to set up and allows you to intuitively parameterise the services offered.

  • Operator authentication via WEB with username and password.
  • Multiple facility management, with specific numbering, (eg. Surgeries Reservations, Reservations Radiology, administrative Acceptances, Self Employed, etc.), with relative priority.
  • Association management with multiple branches and services.
  • Dynamic management of load thresholds of the counters according to the appended figures and the service priorities.
  • Automatic management of the sorting of numbers according to the time slots of activities, the workload of the counters and the type of services required, on the basis of preset process algorithms.
  • Priority management related to particular categories of users (fragile, maternity, etc.).
  • All operations of opening, closing, counter suspension and calls to the counter are automatically recorded on the central server.
  • Management by base users and directors.


Customisable statistical reports

Via the BBS Queue system control panel, the administration can check in real time the activities of the counters, will analyse predefined statistical reports and can create custom reports or can export data in standard formats.


eliminacode-e-gestione-dei-flussi-allo-sportello-videata totem


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