BBS offers multimedia interactive experiential tourism solutions such as: Digital Interactive Board, Infopoint, Web Development, App, audio guides, augmented reality and more.


Digital interactive Board

Communication in an innovative, continuous and timely way with tourists

The BBS Interactive Digital Board solution allows you to communicate useful information to tourists in real time via indoor or outdoor monitors. offer services, news, events, places of interest, useful phone numbers: these are just some examples of multimedia content accessible via the BBS interactive digital board Info point



Communicate and interact in an innovative way

The interactive BBS Digital Infopoint solution allows you to communicate with tourists useful information in real time via touchscreen terminals. In addition to content such as services offered, news, events, attractions, phone numbers, users will benefit from features such as Phone Call, Send to a friend, or the integration with mobile device (QR code).


Virtual Desk

One-stop shop for user support

Thanks to the video system, remote customer support, the BBS virtual desk solution allows you to put the end user in contact with the support operator, and exchange data and documents in real time as if the operator were physically present.


Web development and App

The BBS solution for tourism alongside a more traditional approach is an integrated web and mobile SW system, designed to enhance, promote and disseminate heritage tourism. This SW system allows tourists the use of information and services in multilingual mode directly from their PC, smart phone or tablet. The BBS solution replaces the traditional audio guide with the APP audio guide, which can be downloaded by the tourist, to allow access to guides, maps of the city, to useful information and explore places of interest including through augmented reality.



The KUBE ™ structures are interactive multimedia systems dedicated to the promotion of tourism and Made in Italy. The systems are easy to access and consult but of great visual impact and are able to produce, in multilingual mode, information about territories, services, products and companies at very competitive costs.
In Italy,KUBE ™ facilities are active at at the airports of Milan Orio al Serio Airport (Orio KUBE ™) and Pisa G. Galilei (Galilei KUBE ™).