The Project

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance service of the Drupal front end


The Client

Florence Municipality


Period of Execution



Activities and solutions implemented:

BBS is taking care of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the Drupal front end of the Municipality of Florence, consisting of the institutional website ( and all the thematic sites created in Drupal. Currently the reference version is Drupal 8 but during the 2021 all Drupal sites will be migrated to version 9. The maintenance concerns both the application components, i.e. the contrib code (distributed by the Drupal community) and custom, and the infrastructural components, i.e. the DB servers, the application servers (PHP and Apache) and the components used for the cluster, in particular Unison , for each of the reference environments, ie demo, staging and production.


Ordinary maintenance means:

• bug fixing

• adaptive maintenance (MAD), namely:

◦ six-monthly safety assessment

◦ accessibility: verification of 2019 objectives and preparation of 2020 objectives

◦ accessibility: analysis of the current state and regulatory adjustments

◦ updates (both security and recommended) of the core, modules and themes

◦ migration to Drupal 9 in the course of 2021


Extraordinary maintenance means a number of development days to cover at least following activities:

• creation of a newsletter system or integration with third-party newsletters

• integration with the Elastic search indexing system (version 7 or higher) e customization of the search system, including the return page of the results

• adaptation of the theme through a usability study, also in light of the Agid guidelines for the digital services of the PA

• optimization of the caching system, possibly through the use of components of third parts.