The Client 

Rovigo Urban Center


The Project 

Sviluppo portale web, WebApp prototyping e attività di animazione.


Period of Execution



Activities and solutions implemented

As part of the Innovation lab project in Rovigo URBAN DIGITAL CENTER BBS was responsible for website development, App-WebApp prototyping and animation activities.

Specifically, BBS created the web portal of the Innovation lab in Rovigo – URBAN DIGITAL CENTER – through the Drupal CMS and implemented it in compliance with the AGID specifications relating to public administration sites. The portal, a container conceived by the public administration and available to PA, citizens and businesses, was conceived in a logic of circularity and exchange, which receives and shares, to ensure that even those who enter it come out more trained and aware of be part of an active and pulsating community.

In particular, BBS has:

  • Restructured the homepage the main relevant information (news, events, information pages) with a subdivision into sections such as: makers lab, coworking space, calendar of activities, services in evidence) created an associated structure for a transversal correspondence of the information that allows the association of the same to one or more thematic areas.
  • This organization is headed by a specific search section, based on simple filters, such as textual search and / or thematic macro area of interest, to immediately reach the corresponding information.
  • Organized information relating to the activities of the entity.
  • On the back end, the management system is based on user roles and competence groups.
  • The users belonging to each group have the right, according to their role, to draw up, edit, submit to work flow and approve the information to be published of any type.
  • It has also created an information system for which at any time it is possible to consult the history, compare different revisions with each other, restore past revisions.