The Project


Tourist enhancement of the Middle-Upper Agordino: Marketing Plan and creation of a multimedia archive and an emotional map.


The Client

Medio e Alto Agordino


Period of Execution

2019 – 2020


Activities and solutions implemented:


In particular the following activities were implemented:


  • Preliminary analysis. Analysis of the existing territorial marketing plan. Analysis of updated tourism data provided by the Client, mapping of local tangible and intangible resources
  • Definition of the Executive Project. Methods of organization and coordination of activities; graphic design, design and implementation of project outputs according to the coordinated image defined on the basis of the Brand Identity.
  • Collection, selection and optimization of existing multimedia contents
  • Interviews with residents and tourists
  • Design and development of multimedia digital library, emotional map and App.


Based on the project objectives, BBS has created a database accessible via the web, a centralized system for collecting all multimedia content in multilingual mode and has made available, with the appropriate customizations, a web infrastructure built with a flexible open source framework and modular, a collection point for all the information conveyed on the various channels of use (web, mobile, app, social channels).

The database created was then made usable by users-tourists through a graphic style and content architecture in line with the new trends of cleanliness and lightness of the graphic layout, simplicity and clarity in the navigability of the contents, geolocation of the contents, sharing and active participation by users through the integration of social channels.

The database has been created in compliance with the W3C standards and current regulations on the usability and accessibility of sites for the Public Administration and in Responsive Web Design mode, ensuring complete consultation and accessibility both on the web and on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).


There were several innovative features of the system offered, among which are mentioned:


  • Activation of dynamic search for identifiable points of interest based on related emotions, geographic location, categorization and related tags;
  • Travel Planner definition, through which the potential tourist can interactively configure their personalized tourist package, print it, send it by e-mail or share it on social networks;
  • Definition of news and events calendar; consultation of accommodation and catering facilities, commercial establishments (crafts, typical products, sports facilities, etc.);
  • Section definition for promo-marketing of products / services / tourist packages.
  • Research and exploration of contents by emotions / themes / product clusters;
  • Activation of the printing function and sharing of contents on the main social networks.