The project


For the Cinque Terre National Park, BBS created an integrated multilingual system for the electronic issuance and direct sale of the Park’s Multiservice Cards from the web portal.


The client


Cinque Terre National Park (SP)


Period of execution


2016 – maintenance in progress



Activities and implemented solutions 


BBS conceived and designed an integrated system that allows the online sale of cards through a multilingual e-commerce web portal (Italian, English, French and simplified Chinese) that can be extended in the future, and is integrated with the Visa and Master Card payment, according to the methods indicated by the Park Authority. 

The cards for sale are multifunctional and can be purchased in different versions according to the duration of the visit, the type of buyer (single, family, group), printable with QR code identification or usable directly by downloading them on tablets and smartphones. The print template (which can reach A4 format) provides for the inclusion of other information, configurable through the configuration form, such as information for users, advertising banners, etc. 

The realized project also included the e-commerce system for online ticket sales and web applications, for use by operators with the environmental quality mark, for issuing tickets for resale. The Info Point subsystem consists of the SW and HW infrastructure that allows the operators of an Info Point to issue Cinque Terre Cards and print them. The Control Station subsystem consists of the HW and SW equipment that allows the staff in charge to check tickets at the access points to the trails.


Link of the portal: