The Project


The project “Creation of the new web portal of the Museums in the Municipality of Rome, the related app and the new website of the Capitoline Superintendency created for Zètema, a Rome Municipality company in charge of the management and enhancement of the cultural and museum heritage of the Italian capital.



The Client


Zètema – Rome



Period of execution


2017- 2018



Activities and implemented solutions


With project carried out for Zetema, 2017 BBS engaged in a re-engineering process in which EZPublish migrated to Drupal both portal of the Museums in the Municipality (MIC) and all museum sites and realized the new MiC APP.


The MIC portal represents the reference portal from which it is possible to access into the museums of the Italian capital, each independent, but coordinated in terms of image, styles and both web and mobile navigation. The portals are based on a centralized SW system based on multidomain logic. Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Flickr) were also integrated during the re-engineering phase. In addition, both the Open data and the flows that populate the project portals, the Zetema portal, and the new APP (also created by BBS) have been implemented.


Furthermore, BBS has taken care of the optimization of the hosting systems (tuning and stress test phase) and takes care of the daily maintenance activities, the corrective and evolutionary maintenance.


Here some numbers that give an idea of the complexity of the project: over 27,000 contents of which 1,800 artwork, 25 museums, 3850 educational, 400 museum itineraries, 5000 exhibitions / events, 1800 news in 4 languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish) .

The Mic portal and related museum sites have an average daily unique visitor number equal to 5,563 and a monthly average of approximately 165,000 unique visitors.


Link of the portal:


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