The project

POMPEINRETE The project is sponsored by the city of Pompeii and funded under the ERDF OP 2007-2013 Campania.
It includes a series of coordinated actions to promote and enhance, including through the use of new technologies, the territory of Pompeii, highlighting another little gem of great cultural heritage: the Church of Our Lady of the Arch, in the heart of the ancient district of Civita Giuliana, the restoration project designed by architect Professor Pasquale Miano.

The Mayor of the City of Pompeii: Ferdinand Uliano
The arch bishop of Pompeii: S.E. Msgr. Thomas Caputo
The councillor for Public Works: Santa Cascone


The client

For the City of Pompeii (NA), BBS managed the implementation of a construction project and museum multimedia installations for the cultural promotion of a recently restored architectural gem: the Church of Our Lady of the Arch in the area of Civita Giuliana in Pompei.


Period of implementation




Activities and realised solutions

Hardware and software

  • multitouch totems
  • Multilingual multichannel software platform (web portal, totems , App iOS and Android) developed with the open source Drupal CMS
  • free wi-fi areas
  • videowall
  • server
  • hardware accessory instrumentation
  • maintenance for hardware and software for following years


Videata App


Videata Totem


Videata Totem


Videata Totem


Marketing and communication

BBS also oversaw the design and construction of:

  • signage and museum posters
  • information meetings and cultural events in the area and the project presentation conference.
  • design and production of printed promotional materials (brochures, guides with DVDs, etc.) and web (banners, commercials, etc.)
  • Interactive advertising on the Orio Kube ™ at the Orio al Serio Airport in Milan




Guida con DVD
manifesto campagna teaser
manifesto evento



You can download the Apps directly from the App Store: