The project

The “nearest ATM – Cashless City” desired by the municipality of Bergamo has as its objective the simplification and automation of the relationship between citizen and local Public Administration, through the use of innovative technological tools.

In particular, the City of Bergamo – a pioneer in Italy – has chosen to use technology solutions for video-totems to improve the delivery of counter services, through which the user has access to municipal administrative services (registry, paying taxes, etc. .) independently and / or through an operator of the City that connects via videoconference.


The client

City of Bergamo


Period of implementation



Activities and realised solutions

BBS has developed, designed and built the new CityLive ™ automated totems offering personal services, information etc. for citizens through a virtual window.

The CityLive ™ totems are currently installed at the Public Library of Bergamo and shortly at a major mall in the city.

The totems CityLive ™ BBS are the synthesis of technology dedicated to the Smart City of today and tomorrow.


The activated functions are:

  • acquisition of documents (images and OCR text)
  • read barcodes and QR Codes

In seconds you can automatically scan texts and documents to be sent to the operator, or scan documents encoded with bar codes or QR Code.

  • Payment swipe or contactless POS and CC

The payment device or POS Credit Card accepts any payment instrument: Chip & PIN cards, magnetic strip cards, contactless and NFC phones. It meets with national and international banking security standards,. E UE certified, PCI-PTS 3.x, 4.0 EMV L1 and L2, and ensures data security, application management and transactions.

  • Certified Graphometric signature with legal value

Through the tablet you can capture the biometric data of a handwritten signature, the system then encodes them in a protected manner by entering the signature image into the digital document with the guarantee of full legal value. The signed document is automatically filed with certain date. The process may also include automatic forwarding of the document to the signatory (eg. Using PEC).

  • Regional Services Card Reader

Inserting the CRS in the drive can be access and activate the various services provided by the Public Administration: digital signature, issuing personal certificates and services, forms, health services, online payments, etc.

  • A4 printing in real time

Through the A4 front / back integrated color printer paper documents can be printed in real time and allow the user to obtain certificates, tickets, reservations, receipts, etc.

  • live video call with remote operator

The audio-video system of the totem is designed to offer maximum visual comfort and maximum safety with regard to user privacy and information that is transmitted. The totem has two videos: one 42” screen in front to talk vis-à-vis with the operator and one 22″ touchscreen positioned on the dashboard to comfortably interface the totem in a few taps.

The platform also provides three viewing points for the remote operator: a front camera to talk to the user, a remote desktop to display all the operations that the user performs, and if necessary, take control, and another webcam positioned at the top of the station with the control function.

The microphones and speakers for the call are part of Shower® Sound System, a sound management system that allows the user to be surrounded by the other person’s voice, isolated at the same time from other peripheral noise.

The CityLive ™ totems of BBS are equipped with an advanced software platform that is individually integrated with the management systems of local authorities.

The system is accessible to persons with physical, hearing and visual disabilities, according to the ADA regulations (jack headset and keyboard with trackball and Braille keys IP 65). The size and location of the devices is carefully studied so that the entire system and all devices installed in it or connected to it can also be easily used by disabled and elderly people.

All hardware components of CityLive ™ totems meet the highest energy-saving standards (EcoDisplay and backlight White LED printer with Easy Eco Driver, etc.) The Totem City Live is equipped with an automatic on and off system and is a product certified according to international standards and regulations in use (CE, IEC, IMQ, etc.)


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Totem CityLive totale

Installazione CityLive per Cacheless City Bergamo

Installazione CityLive per Cacheless City Bergamo

CityLive per il progetto Cashless City