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Mobility information evolves

BBS also presents the innovative electronic INFOBUS column to provide real time information to travellers waiting at bus stops of the local public transport.

The column – designed with great attention to the environment (solar panels for an integrated power supply), accessibility (integrated automatic system of vocalisation) and public security (integrated surveillance system) – introduces new standards of design and quality of the hardware components.

The main specifications:

  • Real-time information
  • videos and animations in HD
  • High brightness full color panel
  • integrated PC
  • photovoltaic panel
  • Integrated vocalisation system
  • integrated video surveillance system

Innovative Design: The column as an urban design element

BBS transforms the traditional electronic bus stop: from a simple passive utility tool into an element of technological urban furniture, thanks to the innovative nature of the form and the choice of materials and finishes. A highly distinctive institutional landmark, and a well-placed infrastructure element in the context of housing and through harmonious and balanced urban shapes and sizes and customisable colours. The slightly arched shape of the mast, the structural element of connection between the support pole and the display panel, and the circular shape of the roof with integrated photovoltaic panel give the column a strong sense of being dynamic, softening the rigidity and immobility of traditional design of the columns currently on the market.

Accessibility for all

Electronic INFOBUS BBS columns have an automatic system of vocalisation of textual information in different languages – displayed on the PMV of the pole, in order to benefit persons who are blind or visually impaired. The vocalisation system is configurable in two alternatives, choice of Client Mode: on demand, through a special button placed at head height on the support pole of the pole, or continuously.

The management of the automatic vocalisation system is entrusted to the Text-to-Speech module of CityLive ™ BBS software.

Smart & green: virtuous combination

So much technology enclosed in a column: the design and realisation of INFOBUS is based on open technology architecture and widespread, ready for further subsequent implementations. The electronic column informs, oversees and provides services to all citizens.

Everything has a special focus on energy saving and environmental protection: full LED technology, integrated solar panel, switching on and off of individual programmable hardware.

Info-mobility and safety: the integrated video surveillance system

Thanks to the mini surveillance camera, installed under the solar roof, the INFOBUS column is able to make and save HD video recording, even at night. The presence of the camera, as well as being a strong deterrent against possible acts of vandalism against the pole itself, implements an integrated circuit video surveillance for the entire territory.

The entire video surveillance system is fully configurable and can be deactivated at any time by the Client.

For more information download the data sheet!