The project

The project involves the re-engineering and migration of all web sites of the prestigious Istituto degli Innocenti of Florence, which has been working for nearly six centuries for families and children.


The client

Istituto degli Innocenti – Florence


Period of implementation



Activities and realised solutions

BBS oversaw the reengineering and migration to Drupal 7 of all the web sites of the prestigious Istituto degli Innocenti in Florence.

In detail, BBS has done the following activities:

  • analysis;
  • design and construction of the new graphic-cognitive structure, according to the different user groups identified and the differentiation of the features available for different user profiles;
  • development of new features, both front office and back office;
  • migration from the current system to the new Drupal 7 CMS system, with the solutions for any incompatibilities;
  • training of employees of the Client for the different types of users (employees use, editorial staff, system and technical staff);
  • analysis of the hardware and software requirements necessary for hosting in the new environment;
  • Trials and testing.