The project

Migration and re-engineering of an entire consumer credit management system operating in both in mainframes and distributed systems.


Period of implementation

From 2010 to today


Activities and realised solutions

In 2010, a major global bank assigned its outstanding customer credits to the two securitisation companys. Along with the credits, mortgages, other real and personal guarantees, privileges and more generally, any right, action or options or prerogatives relating to receivables and associated rights and other accessories, were also transferred to the securitisation companies.

During this transaction, BBS acquired all the technological infrastructure and know-how relating to loans, services and leasing applications.

The project carried out by BBS allowed the migration, re-engineer, an entire consumer credit management system operating on both mainframes and distributed systems with an optimisation of operating costs for the customer of approximately one million euros per year. The entire computer system was re-engineered and migrated, which was made up of several thousand programs and procedures (software, applications, systems, databases, connections, etc.) for credit portfolio management to consumers across Europe.

BBS in the migration project, not only managed to optimise programs and mainframe procedures, but also started a progressive downsizing of the entire system for both the consumer credit management, but also and especially for the management of the recovery of B2B credit of Italian companies .

The first module migrated from mainframe to distributed platform was the CACS form. Thanks to the CACS (Computer Assisted Collection System) the module allows the optimisation of the recovery of the debt by intelligently distributing information about the debtor and its outstanding debt to the creditors network..



Services and applications for Loans and leasing


Host environment

  • Payment systems, including RID, postal billing and interface management with providers of payment services (for example: the Italian Post Office, SSB).
  • Legal & Regulatory System on the interest rates of consumer loans (calculation of TAN and APR for loans and calculation of IRR and ISC for leasing).
  • Application for the management of the leasing contracts, early termination system and log for the loan payments, including the automatic charge function on the current accounts of customers.
  • Applications for the management of bank reconciliation and bank accounts.
  • Insurance management application, including reporting and claims.
  • Normalisation of ABI / CAB addresses.
  • General Ledger: MSA General Ledger.
  • Legal & Compliance – Bank of Italy, use, AML and Revenue Agency.
  • Loan origination.
  • Activation of credit, score card, Credit Bureau Online, Access.
  • Distributed disbursement: transfer funds, cheques, etc.
  • Accountancy- VAT, sectionals, registers, inventories.


Wintel environment

  • Debt collection feature as part of the Product Processors, including a web portal for debt collection agencies, insertion system for payments by debt collection agencies, calculating the fee for credit recovery agents and letters for debt management.
  • Application for Customer complaints.
  • Applications for managing customer databases and Data Warehouse (CRM), including customer data, customer portfolio, the historical financial information of customers.
  • Distribution channels.
  • Internet / Intranet VPN.
  • Workflow process.