Use the interactive digital board to communicate with your audience in new and more effective way

Offer multimedia content and advanced services at strategic points to involve the user in an experiential way.


At a time of spending reviews it is necessary to rethink the services offered through innovative tools and technologies that permit institutions to communicate in an innovative, continuous and timely manner with their users and customers.

This is possible through the BBS’s interactive digital board solution, capable of delivering (even 24h a day , 7 days a week) – with simplicity and interactivity – information to customers through an internal or external monitor.


Quick update of content and a snapshot publication

BBS’s interactive Digital Board is a complete offer of the CM-TV content management system, which allows you to manage and distribute Interactive content on individual workstations, such as:

  • multimedia (text, audio, video, images). When the user does not interact with the board, it displays a library of media content, so as to never leave the position inactive and to capture the user’s attention.
  • Updated content from external data sources. Due to possible integration with information systems and external data sources, users can scan / research information.
  • Multimedia content in full screen mode
  • Time regulated multimedia content. The system allows you to program the display automatically with a library of media content that will be shown at certain times and at predefined time intervals.


The features offered

  • QRCode for integration with mobile devices (smartphones / tablets), download multimedia content and / or to download the APP
  • Display content in multichannel mode of WEB, Mobile and APP. In order to extend the visibility of the contents and the use of certain features, BBS offers a SW platform that makes content and functionality available even on web, mobile and APP.
  • Detailed contact statistics, even for single pages visited.
  • Remote back office, to allow operators to manage the published media content, via a simple web-based application with restricted access.


Integration with information systems

BBS’s interactive Digital Board is a modular solution that can be integrated with existing solutions and information systems.

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