The Project 



Development and maintenance of the new website of the Hospital – University of Bologna Policlinico S. Orsola – Malpighi




The Client



Hospital – University of Bologna Policlinico S. Orsola – Malpighi




Period of Execution



2019 – 2020




Activities and solutions implemented: 



For the project, BBS provided a “turnkey” solution which included – in addition to the new CMS – the base site development, hosting, migration, training, support and corrective and evolutionary maintenance of the web platform created. A SW infrastructure was made available for the project, a point of collection and aggregation of all content created with Drupal open source technology with the help of its CMS system. The MySql DBMS, also distributed under the GNU GPL – Community Edition license, was used to store contents. The infrastructure was built according to a three-tier architecture, which can be represented according to the points represented below:

  • The data access level (database layer): The centralized database was managed through an SQL provider with the use of a relational data model.
  • The level of application logic (application layer): Centralized management with the advantage of easier and faster manage content usable in multi-channel mode through the integrated web-based CMS system
  • The presentation layer: interfaces for the use of the contents and functions provided by the project via web and mobile.


All the technological infrastructure was hosted on cloud hosting to ensure the highest levels of infrastructure and content security. The solution offered was designed to maximize the user experience and user interface and optimized for integration with other data sources and applications.

The following are the integrated data formats:

  • Excel file, CSV file, RSS;
  • databases such as MySQL, PostGreSQL and MS SQL;
  • web Services both inbound and outbound through standard SOAP and / or REST protocols with JSON / XML data types;
  • XML streams imported and exported in batch mode;
  • applications