The project

The project “Strade del Vino di Toscana in rete” is BBS’s multiplatform solution comprising of the supply, installation and maintenance of 25 outdoor and indoor interactive multimedia kiosks and the development of its app for iOS and Android.

The client

The Federation of the “Strade del Vino, dell’Olio e dei Sapori di Toscana”. The supply contract was signed by the federation , as well as by the individual 11 Roads of Wine, Olive Oil and Gastronomia, namely : Strada del Vino Chianti Classico, Oil Road Valdinievole, Terre d’Arezzo Wine Road , Strada del Vino Cortona, Etruscan Coast Wine Route, Monti Pisani Oil Road, the Montecucco Wine Road, Monteregio Wine Road of Massa Marittima, Route of Flavours Valtiberina, Strada del Vino Orcia, the Maremma Hills Wine Trail.

The project was carried out with the financial contribution from the Tuscany Region.


Period of implementation

From October 2012 to July 2013


Activities and realised solutions



The project “Tuscany Wine Roads on the web” had as its purpose the promotion and support of the enhancement of the food and wine of Tuscany through the creation and management of tourist routes of the wine, oil and gastronomy. More specifically, the objective of the project was the creation of an integrated system of reception and tourism promotion for the provision of information and services to users visiting the territory of the Wine Routes, Oil and Tuscan gastronomy.


The hw and sw integrated system proposed and developed by BBS to achieve this goal is composed of the following supplies:



25 interactive multimedia kiosks touchscreen provided up and running

14 totems are indoor and 11 outdoor, installed in the territory of each of the Wine Roads, Oil and Tuscan gastronomy (eg. wine road headquarters, local municipal offices, external locations with high tourist traffic such as railway stations, shopping centres, town squares ). The installation was carried out with the support and collaboration of the more than 50 municipalities of the territory involved in the project.

The indoor totem had the following general characteristics: self-supporting structure of steel coated with a range of RAL coloUrs to choose from and custom graphics, integrated microphone and speakers, LCD monitor 32 “touchscreen, integrated PC with software player Company TV®, internet connectivity LAN / wi fi / internet key.

The outdoor totem presented the following general technical characteristics: self-supporting structure in painted steel exterior with range of RAL coloUrs to choose from and custom graphics, with laminated glass structure, vandal and cooler / internal heater kit, microphone and speakers, foundations for the ground works, LCD monitor 42 “high brightness touchscreen sunlight-readable, integrated PC with software player Company TV®, internet connectivity LAN / wi-fi / internet key.

Below are images of the totems provided for the project.

Wine Roads Project

All totems provided include multilingual interactive multimedia programming with tailor made graphics and content from BBS based on the demands of the client. The system created is designed to offer the user the ability to understand and travel either the whole network of “Tuscan Wine Roads ” (Roads, institutional offices, contacts, newsletter) or the specificities of a single road (tourist routes, places interest, hospitality, gastronomy & shopping, events), thus allowing each territory to publish differentiated content of the circuit totem. The realisation of the system also took into account the need – expressed by the client – to make the system use the multimedia content database already in possession by the Federation and the individual Roads, standardising the presentation layout of content and optimising the initial database as well as the subsequent update of published content through the activation of automatic import from external data sources.

At the software level operation, all supplied totems are capable of delivering, thanks to the technology developed by Company TV® BBS, the following features, available to users free of charge 24 hours a day, 7 days week and entirely in Multilingual format:

  • On-demand media content (images, videos, texts, maps, etc.) can be recalled via touchscreen
  • CLICK TO CALL module, to make phone calls directly from totems to: the call centre at BBS and / or the offices of the Wine Roads Federation, IAT offices, the main points of interest in the area, commercial establishments (eg. Hotels, restaurants) published within the pages
  • QRCODE module, to receive by QRcode on your mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) a reminder of the on-screen information such as schedules and prices, phone numbers, events and exhibitions
  • Form DOWNLOAD CONTENT TO MOBILE DEVICES, to receive, via quick registration of an e-mail address at the totems, on their mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) content required to follow the selected tourist routes and to access the information required on mobility
  • CALCULATE ROUTE module, to set and view through the interactive maps the path necessary to reach any POI published within the library
  • BOOKING ONLINE module, integration with online booking systems (hotels, rental cars, restaurants, events, etc.) that already exist.
  • Form REQUEST CONTACT / FEEDBACK COLLECTION / VIRTUAL GUEST BOOK / NEWSLETTER REGISTRATION, to get in direct contact with the institutions / IAT offices, expressing opinions on the service and to request the newsletter subscription
  • Detailed statistics for each individual totems and each visited page, to measure the level of satisfaction of users with respect to the content published

In the back office, the CMS – access to which is an integral part of the supply – allows subsequent updates in total autonomy by the provider of the content published in the media. For the use of the CMS, BBS provided the client with 3 days of training.

Here are some screen shot of pages created for the project, examples of the different functionalities of the Company TV® software supplied with the totem.






The layout of the multilingual interactive program and the consequent navigation paths have been studied to achieve maximum simplicity and ease of use for the user. Navigation starts from the geographical location of the area you want to visit, with the ability to access the detailed information both from the map / initial map (ie a geographically referenced approach) or (with a more traditional approach) positioned by virtual buttons. The navigation method used for the project “Tuscany Wine Roads on thew web” is thus similar to that required by the Padua 2.0 project.

In addition, as with the Padua 2.0 project, at any time it is possible for users of the totems of Tuscany Wine Roads activate an information service tourist assistance; this service, in addition to contact the BBS call center, allowing users to activate a free phone call directly from totems / commercial operation published, then putting in immediate and easy to contact the entity and / or its tourist attractions with visitors to its territory .

Development of mobile apps.

The app (also downloadable directly from totems via QRCode) contains – in a simplified and optimised form for the consultation and the use with smartphones and tablets – the same multilingual multimedia content published on the totem circuit.

Through the use of geolocation, the app allows visitors to follow the routes in real time whilst on the Wine Routes, Olive Oil and gastronomy routes of Tuscany and reach all preloaded POI’s without any problems.

Here are some screenshots of the app made.






You can download the app directly from the App Store