The Italian Wine Experience

Wine Shop ™ is a promo-commercial business proposal that aims to involve the user / visitor in an “immersive” and multi-sensory way.

A new and unique experience that involves all the senses: from wine tasting to displaying images, videos and information, further information through a video call with an online expert sommelier for purchase and delivery directly to your door.

The project aims to promote and enhance the production of wines, territories and the wineries, providing information about the local wine culture, but also, thanks to the integrated online e-commerce system, create a new marketing channel.



Activities and realised solutions

Wine Shop ™ allows users to try are a top selection of wines and to make the online purchases through an advanced e-commerce platform integrated into the system.

The customer can receive support and advice in real time by a qualified sommelier for the purchase, or wine from the same manufacturer, connecting directly through a free video call.

It can also access interactive multimedia content such as photos, videos, maps, texts and documents, to deepen the knowledge of the territory and the local culinary scene.

The Wine Shop ™ corner, in addition to tasting and buying wine, allows the user to live a complete experience that mimics the visit to the winery and the territory of origin of the product.





What it allows you to do?


Learn about wines and territories thanks to sheets and films, enriched with interactive maps and QR code through which to download documents. In particular the territories of the regions of production of selected wines can be highlighted complete with photos and / or movies to give the user the best visibility of the places of origin.


A unique service of its kind that allows you to contact a sommelier or a wine producer to ask questions and advice during the purchase or tasting. Alternatively, you can create a multimedia guide for the wines available, through interviews with qualified sommeliers and / or experts, to inform and advise (in two languages, English and Italian) the online users.


The module Wine Dispenser allows you to enjoy up to eight different wine labels before purchasing, thanks to a structure specifically created to maintain all the organoleptic characteristics of the bottles for several days, as if they had just been uncorked. The Wine Dispenser is automatic and controlled by the system based on the user’s choice, and is equipped with sensors able to signal when to replace a bottle before it is totally finished.


An advanced platform that manages a wish list, shopping carts, logistics and payments in a simple way and in accordance with the required safety certificates. The e-commerce module can be integrated to the distribution logistics platform BeFood BBS, or alternatively connected to the customer’s site. In this case, the e-commerce module needed for the management of online purchases will be integrated to your website.



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