Report emergencies and breakdowns through interactive multimedia totems.

BBS realises an integrated system for the intelligent management of reports of emergencies and / or problems, or insurgents within the municipality, from the local people.

This system will allow citizens to report via SMS, via mobile phone / landline phone, via email or via the web an emergency (crime, traffic, security or otherwise) that is happening in any part of the city.

The system will be able to transmit the report to the relevant body, store it in a central database and / or automatically forward it to one or more email addresses.


A service for the citizens, to serve the public.

How the system works

The system is designed for the intelligent management of reports of emergencies and / or problems, or insurgents within the municipality, from the people.

The three main participants involved in the scenario:

• Citizens making the call

• The control system operator

• The intervention units.

In general, the types of reports can be multiple, and for different types of signals, several actions are to be taken with different response times.


The service is free and offers several ways of use so as to get close to all types of people (youth, elderly, disabled, immigrants).

• Sending a sms

• Sending an e-mail to a dedicated address

• Call to a toll-free number

• Connecting to the Municipality’s website

• Call from infopoint totems to a public utility number

• Using the form on infopoints totems located throughout the area


What can you report

The town of Massa is at your disposal to support you in:


Criminal acts or vandalism and the presence of suspicious persons. In this case the preferred channel is the interactive totems from which you can activate a call that goes directly to one or more law enforcement bodies.


Potholes, street lights not working, public green areas, environmental hygiene. In this case it is possible to use all the proposed channels. The signals flow into a central system within the municipality where an operator then dispatches them to various offices and departments concerned to solve the problem.


Attention is not a game!

The municipality of Massa is on the citizens’ side, and counts on the attention and

the sense of responsibility of everyone.

Your help can save a life!

Failure to Help or Aid is a crime


A receipt given to the citizen

Each call, coming from any channel (email, SMS, phone, etc.), is equipped with its own signal identification number (or ticket).

Leaving the relevant telephone number, citizens receive a ticket that can be used to access the Internet through the site system of the Municipality and follow the action through a reporting progress made to verify whether and to what time it was taken wether it has been resolved.

Thanks to the historical records of the whole series of actions, it is possible, over time, to get statistics on intervention times at various stages, in order to monitor the efficiency of the organisation as a whole.


The Infopoint Totem

As well as the ability to make reports Totems offer information services on events and places of interest with the possibility to plan routes to get to them, public communications utilities and more.

Recognisable and accessible to the disabled, the Totems have a touchscreen on which all operations are performed by touching the screen with your fingers.

The operation is simple and intuitive even for citizens who know little about the new technologies.

The contents (pictures, texts and videos) are updated in real time remotely by operators of the Municipality and by entities and services that are present in the totem’s library.


Want a concrete example? See completed projects.