The project


In 2020 BBS took care of the design and construction of the new portal of the Municipality of Arezzo with Drupal technology.



The client


Municipality of Arezzo



Period of Execution





Activities and solutions implemented



The website of the Municipality of Arezzo, created through the CMS Drupal v7, has been implemented in compliance with the AGID specifications relating to public administration web sites.

The web site presents on the homepage the main relevant information (news, events, information pages) with a subdivision into sections such as: main topic in evidence, the latest news, the calendar of activities, services in evidence, topics in evidence and section of the press room. From the homepage, the citizen is able to navigate in depth on the basis of the branching of the elements presented.

The main feature for consulting the web site is the subdivision of topics by thematic areas designed and organized themselves as a navigation branch. This structure has been associated with a transversal correspondence of information such as to allow its association to one or more thematic areas. This organization is headed by a specific research section such as textual search and / or macro thematic area of interest, immediately reach the corresponding information.

The organizational information relating to the municipal administration is managed through menus while the organization of the municipal offices is presented in the form of tree.

An information section was also developed regarding tenders such as contracts, professional assignments, competitions and selections which allows them to be consulted on the basis of the division selected. The organization of this subdivision takes place through an automatic management mechanism based on the updated information in each document.

On the back end, the management system is based on user roles and competence groups. The users belonging to each group have the right, according to their role, to draft, edit, submit to work flow and approve the information to be published of any type.

Any information present in the system is subject to revision and at any time it is possible to consult the history, compare different revisions with each other, restore past revisions.





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