The project


The project carried out consisted in the creation of an ICT platform to support the activities of the “School of the local police” of the Puglia Region.



The client


Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation



Period of Execution





Activities and solutions implemented



The project carried out for Arti, the Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation of the Puglia region, saw the creation of a platform to support the activities of the “School of the Local Police” of the Puglia Region.

Specifically, the ICT portal was created taking into account 4 macro modules specifically requested by the customerteacher register, remote training, work flow management and communication module – using customizable Open source technologies, thus ensuring the maximum possible integration between the various elements of the platform.


Register of teachers module

The module created consists of a platform for managing the candidacies of aspiring teachers, who can, once logged in via SPID, apply for an ongoing call to participate in the selection in the areas of specialization provided for in the call. The portal also allows the scientific teaching committee to manage the evaluation of candidates completely online and any required integration to the documents presented during the application phase.


Distance education module

Thanks to the integration of the Open Source Moodle platform, suitably customized and integrated ad hoc for Arti, the portal manages the distance learning provided by the school completely online. The instructors in charge will be able to access the courses, publish the teaching material on Moodle, assign tests and manage the evaluation of students’ achievement in addition to other purely didactic functions. The students, selected by the scientific didactic committee, will be organized in classes and assigned to the courses; they will have the opportunity to take advantage of training on the Moodle multimedia portal, with the opportunity to deepen the topics and debate in the forums and blogs dedicated to their course.


Work flow management module

The courses can be evaluated online by the scientific teaching committee, which will also administer satisfaction questionnaires (webform) that can be filled in by the Commanders on the portal. For the project, BBS used the Drupal and Moodle frameworks, suitably customized and integrated with modules developed ad hoc to guarantee the manufacturing quality of all the functions and ensure uniqueness and full reliability of the product offered. All the pages that require access through authentication have in fact been implemented with important protection mechanisms (even from automated brute-force attacks) while maintaining great fluidity and simplicity of the system offered.


Communication module

The modules were created on a centralized SW system based on multi-domain logic, the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Flickr) were also integrated during the re-engineering phase and both the Open data and the flows that populate the modules were implemented.