The project

For the municipality of Aci Castello, BBS has managed the implementation of a project of multimedia installations for the promotion and digitalisation of the Civic Museum of the Norman Castle and the historical and artistic value of areas of the Municipality.


The client

Municipality of Aci Castello (CT)


Period of implementation

2014 -2015


Activities and realised solutions

In detail, BBS has provided for the hardware side of the project:

  • multitouch totems
  • NFC readers and RFID tags placed on museum artefacts and archeological finds
  • frames and supports necessary for the installations
  • router
  • multitouch monitor

In detail, BBS has provided, on the software side, the multi-platform software (app audio guide, interactive totems).
BBS has also dealt with the production of all the multimedia content of the historical-cultural character for creating and populating the project database (audio-video commercials, photo shoot, translations).
BBS run the maintenance for the HW & SW for the upcoming years.