Loans & Leasing is the management platform of BBS credit.


BBS offers a wide range of products and services for the management of the loan portfolio in terms of operations and accounting. The platform is integrated with a management system optimised for debt collection through an advanced system of customisable parameters.


Operation and Accounting: products and services included in the platform

  • Debt collection feature as part of the Product Processors, including web portal for debt collection agencies, insertion of payment system for debt collection agencies, calculating the fee for recovery by credit agents and for debt letters management.
  • Payment systems, including RID, postal bills and management interfacing with providers of payment services (for example: the Italian Post Office, SSB).
  • Applications for the management of the bank reconciliation and bank accounts.
  • Application of Customer complaints.
  • Applications for managing the customer database and Data Warehouse (CRM), including customer data, customer portfolio, the historical financial information of customers.
  • Legal & Regulatory System on the interest rates of consumer loans (calculation of TAN and APR for loans and calculation of IRR and ISC for leasing).
  • Application for the management of the leasing contracts, early termination system and reports for loan repayments, including the automatic charge function on the current of customers’ accounts.
  • Insurance management application, including reporting and awards.
  • General Ledger: MSA General Ledger.
  • Legal & Complaince – Bank of Italy, AML and Revenue Agency.
  • Loan origination.
  • Activation of a credit score card, Credit Bureau Online, Access.
    distributed disbursement: transfer funds, cheques, etc.
  • Accountancy- VAT, sectional, registers, inventories.

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